The Board of Trustees meets quarterly, on the second Monday of the first month of each quarter. Meetings begin at 4:30 p.m. and are held in the James A. Watts Meeting Room at the library. The Board of Trustees are: Dr. S. Patrick Walker, Chairman; Julia Flowers, Barbara Sport, June Taylor, and Suze Butts. The Library Director is Kathryn Tomlin, and the Assistant Director is Jody A. Foote.

Meeting dates for 2018 are:

Monday, January 8th                                           Monday, April 9th
     Monday, July 9th                                                  Monday, October 8th

Meeting dates for 2019 are:

Monday, January 14th                                           Monday, April 8th
      Monday, July 8th                                                  Monday, October 14th

luver trustees

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