Patron Guidelines:

Area residents are welcome to apply for a free patron card. Applications by children  16 years of age or under must be signed by a parent or guardian who will accept responsibility for library materials loaned. Proper identification will be required for all applicants.



Monday 9-5 Tuesday 9-5 Wednesday 9-5 Thursday 9-5 Friday 9-5 Saturday 9-1 We are closed for major holidays. A drop box is located outside the library for after hours book deposits.


Books are loaned for a two week period, renewals allowed. New patrons are limited to one book for the first loan, then are allowed up to 10 books per patron per loan period. Recorded books follow the same regulations.

DVDs : Blountsville Public Library offers hundreds of titles, covering both educational and entertainment titles. Patrons are limited to three titles per loan with no renewals except as deemed necessary by staff. DVD and VHS movies are loaned for two days.


Late fees for books are $0.10 per day, and DVDs and VHS late fees are $0.50 per day. Borrower must pay listed price plus $3.00 processing for lost items or items damaged beyond repair. Recognized legal holidays are considered when setting due date. Borrower will be responsible for late fees, damages to library materials, or losses of library materials borrowed. Borrower will also be responsible for any legal fees or punitive damages relating to damages, injury, or loss of library materials borrowed. Outstanding fines must be cleared before futher loans can be made.

Public Use Computers:

We currently offer your choice of 11 public use computers with high-speed internet access.We offer wireless internet. Patrons age 14 and over are free to use them for periods up to one hour or as determined by staff. Computer useage is limited to 15 minutes if there are others waiting to use a computer. Children under 14 must have a parent or guardian present. Children 14 and under must be continually attended by responsible care-giver to use computers. Patrons must bring a memory device to save any work on, because computers are set to erase any changes to files added upon sign-off and all work will be lost. We offer filtered internet services which will restrict access to offensive sites. Misuse or abuse of computer equipment will result in termination of priveleges. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Local, state and federal laws prohibit accessing or displaying offensive materials. Violaters will be prosecuted and usage privileges will be permanently terminated.

Child Safety:

Parent/guardian is solely responsible for the saftey of underage or mentally impaired patrons. Emergency Procedures: In the event of emergency weather situations, such as tornado watches, severe thunderstorm watches, ice storm watches, etc. Blountsville Public Library will remain open and moniter the latest weather developments. Should weather warnings occur, we will close for the safety of our patrons and staff.

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