Daleville Public Library

308 Donnell Blvd ♦ Daleville, AL 36322 ♦ 334-503-9119

•Materials are checked out for a two-week period.

•Newspapers and magazines may not be checked out.

•Reference materials and genealogy materials may not be checked out.

•Materials may be renewed twice except for those items on reserve.

•Renewals and reserves may be handled over the phone or in person.

•Overdue materials are charged 10 (ten) cents a day, with a maximum fine of $3.00 per item. Fines are not incurred on Sundays and holidays, and a one-day grace period is granted before fines are applied..

•Only 3 DVDs may be checked out per household.

•If a patron damages or loses an item, the patron must pay a $5 reprocessing fee in addition to the cost to replace the item.

•No more than 5 books may be checked out per family member at one time.

•Books only (no audio books or videos) may be returned in the outside book drop.

•Patron privileges may be terminated for failure to return items, inappropriate behavior, or failure to observe all library policies.

•Children under 11 are to be supervised at all times by an adult. Parents/guardians will be responsible for paying for damages done by their child. Parents/guardians allowing their children to become unruly or destructive will be asked to leave.

•All computer users must present a valid computer access card in order to use the computers.

•You must sign in at the circulation desk.

•There is no time limit unless all the computers are in use, in which case there is a 20 minute time limit.

•Items may be printed at .20 cents per page for black & white copies, .50 cents per page for color text, and $1.00 per page for color pictures.

•No more than 1 person is allowed at each workstation at a time. However, a parent/guardian may sit with the child. Exceptions to the rule may be made by a staff member for a class project that requires several students' input.

•Installation, downloading, or modification of software is prohibited.

•When finished, please leave the computer on and return to the desktop page.

•Parents/guardians are responsible for monitoring the sites viewed by their children.

•The Daleville Public Library will follow and strictly enforce Alabama Law 13a-12-200.3 that specifically prohibits the dissemination or display of obscene matter.

•Users will respect copyright laws and licensing agreements.

•Internet computers will not be used for illegal activity, to access illegal materials, or to access materials that by local community standards would be obscene.

•You will lose the right to use a computer if any of these rules are violated.

•The Daleville Public Library is not responsible for any damage, which may occur as a result of the use of this system, such as loss of data from delays or service interruptions due to mechanical failures.

•The patron and/or the parent or guardian may be financially liable for any damage to a workstation's hardware or software or for any illegal or unethical acts performed through our system.

•Adults and students are reminded that not all sources on the Internet provide accurate, complete, or current information. Please remember that many times you will find the specific information you need right here in our books, periodicals and reference materials.

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