The Moundville Public Library has over 17,000 books and DVDs available for patrons to check out. Books can be kept for 14 days and DVDs for 3 days.
There are five areas of books in the Moundville Public Library:


The Children section contains fiction and non-fiction books for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary age through fourth grade. The majority of these books are AR books. They are color-coded by level. The AR level and points are written on the inside of the book.


Our Juvenile section also has fiction and non-fiction, as well as biographies. Just like the Children's area, most of the Jouvenille books are AR books. These books range from third grade level to eighth grade.

Young Adult

The Young Adult, or YA, area is our newest area in the library. It is still a work in progress but almost all of the books are AR and leveled for high school and college age. All of these books are fiction.


The Adult section contains fiction, non-fiction, and biographies. A large portion of these books are available in large print.
Our oldest section is the Alabama History section. These books are fiction and non-fiction. This is the area where you will find books by Alabama authors and history of Moundville, Hale County, and Alabama.

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