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Welcome to Tallassee Community Library

The Tallassee Community Library first opened in 1921 in what was considered the sunroom of what was then the Scout Club House. The first librarian was the minister of the East Tallassee Methodist Church, the Rev. W.E. Bryant and the library had fewer than 2, 000 books. A new wing was added in March 1978, housing a local museum. The room was remodeled in 1988 and the Mildred Weedon Blount Reading and Reference room formally opened in November 1989. The Tallassee Community Library has over 33,000 in materials in its collection, ten public access computers with internet, an iPad station with two iPads for the children, and an annual circulation of over 56,000. The Library offers not only a wide variety of books in regular, large, and audio books, but also an on-line digital library. The Library also has wireless connectivity, faxing/copies, notary services, and test proctoring.

The first Librarian was the minister of the E. Tallassee Methodist Church, the Rev. W. E. Bryant. In 1922, Miss Mary Lou Martin became the first full time Librarian, and continued to serve until her retirement in 1948. She was succeeded by Mrs. Ruby Lanier, who served until 1985. In February of that year, Mr. W.C. Bryant was appointed following Mrs. Lanier’s retirement and continued to serve until 1999. Mr. Bryant was succeeded by Mrs. Sharon Kilpatrick who served until 2014 when Mrs. Anitha Ainsworth was named Library director. Mrs. Ainsworth served as Library director until 2015 and was succeeded by the current Librarian, Mrs. Margaret Lumpkin. Mrs. Lumpkin was hired on as a part time Assistant in March 2007, went to full time position and made Children’s Librarian in October 2010, and began the Library Director position in November 2015. In March 2017, Laura Pardue was hired as Assistant Librarian.

In March 1978, Tallassee Mills donated the library to the City of Tallassee and the facility became a public library, no longer owned by the Corporation. Before donating it, a new wing was added on the south end of the building. This wing for some time housed a local museum under the direction of Mr. W. G. Eubanks. In the 1980’s plans were initiated by the library board to turn the museum wing into a reading and reference room. With two grants from the Mildred Weedon Blount Educational and Charitable Foundation, Inc., the room was remodeled, refurnished, and named the Mildred Weedon Blount Reading and Reference Room, and was formally opened in November 1989. It serves not only as the reading/reference room today but also as the staff work area and meeting room. The building appears today as it was remodeled in the late 1960s, having three rooms and a basement. Besides the Reading/reference room, the library has the main library which has the adult books, audio, DVDs and computers as well as the Children’s room which has the Easy, Junior, and Young Adult books. The basement has books that are donated and available for purchase with the proceeds going toward the purchase of more material.


Board of Trustees
Serve without financial Compensation

Bob Reed, Chairman
Margaret Miller, Vice Chairman
Vacant, Secretary
Sam Knowles, Treasurer
Lavonne Hart

Monday 9am - 5pm
Tuesday 9am - 6pm
Wednesday 9am - 6pm
Thursday 9am - 6pm
Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 1pm
Sunday Closed





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